Yesterday my brother convinced me

Yesterday my brother convinced me that taking his two boys (6 and 4?) plus our other brother’s two boys (5 and 2?) to the McDonaldland play area was a good idea. Alex, the two year old track star, discovered that the door was automatic and bolted – he made it past the counter, past the cooking area, and all the way into the back storeroom before he was apprehended. After an hour in there with all four of them, it may take a while for my sperm count to go back to normal.
Oh, and last night all 4 of them were staying with my folks (Nana and Poppa), as was I. I was sharing a bed with the two younger ones, so when the 2 year old woke up at 2:15am, there was no staying in the bedroom to calm him down… I didn’t end up getting much sleep last night, I wonder if I’ve done something to piss my parents off…

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