I figured I’d make today’s

I figured I’d make today’s entries easy – they are almost all STUFF FROM ROBOTGIRL:
Joopy mentions Geoff’s division of Blogger-bloggers into two camps: the Over 20s and the Under 20s.
“Blogger-blogger”, in this instance, is not the same as “blog-blogger”, FWIW – m3
You know — giving the phone or the monitor the finger is getting easier and easier, and it feels so good. I mean, not even just mentally — it physically feels good to flip the bird. Not sure what it is, if it’s some kind of corporeal reaction to a psychological action or something, or maybe my hands are just built that way, but it honestly feels good.
Go ahead, flip off the monitor. Who is it gonna hurt? – m3
PLUS: New Guerrilla Banners!
of course, she may have had ulterior motives – m3

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