Okay, those last two really

Okay, those last two really weren’t up to my normal criteria for meta – they were practically just blog entries. Thank God Derek has come to my rescue with a link to a rant about blogging by someone who admits to sounding like a grade-A nimrod. He feels that websiting without struggle somehow negates the validity of the voice… or something. He doesn’t hate all blogs, though. All but two, but not *all*… Good to know that yet another person is keeping the weblogging thing in perspective.
UPDATE: The hell-bent satiric engine of spewing hate I mentioned above has been pulled, replaced by another 3000 words entitled “HELLO GOODBYE” where he explains that he needs to step away from the web. Apparently he was using weblogs as a metaphor for the frustration he was feeling about his own situation… lets hope he finds what he needs.

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