Alternate March 2000 Rod

Alternate March 2000
what really happened in Bruce Sterling's Bathroom
Rod Serling’s “Bruce Sterling’s Bathroom”
uncle joe’s sxswellent adventure  
l – r, top: jason, peter, heather, judith, me (without Powazek disguise), jesse   bottom: misty, meg

i had really been regretting my decision not to go to austin this year,
especially when I found out that I could have scammed some good passes from a friend –
so when I saw neale’s photos
i decided i could still get in on the action. i looked at his how-to
page, but the whole photo editing thing was too complicated, and i knew there had to be a better way.

the obvious choice was some sort of time machine, but i was never very good at building things so i decided to create a
distorted time space field utilizing a recursive blog loop. it worked (well, it did cause a few outages with blogger and, but i figured those were acceptable casualties), and i was transported back to sxsw in time for the mirror shades mirror shot.

not wanting to change everyone’s accounts of the week, i used the power of hypnotism
course i had purchased from the back of a spiderman comic to make everyone forget i was there. there were some complications
(the biggest one being ben following me into the bathroom when i was peeing), but all in all it worked out pretty well.

major major thanks to heather of jezebel’s mirror,
the only one I didn’t fool, for keeping my secret.

it’s not jezebel’s mirror, but if you like digital photo fun, check out photo op. i’ll be glad you did. 

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