In The Year 2000

Where will I be in the year 2000?

In the year 2000 I will be 35 for almost the whole year. I will turn 36 in 2000 but it will be almost 2001. In the year 2000 I will live in Hollywood because I am going to be an actor but I wont be an actor still in 2000 because I will have stoped to be a computer man. I live in a big house now but when I am 35 in 2000 I will be old so I want to live in a little apartment and it would be okay if there was a hole in the roof because I could see the sky at night and it would be like camping. I like camping and even when theres bug because they are like little pets that you dont have to clean up after or feed. Maybe in 2000 I will have bug pets so that I don’t have to clean up after them. In the year 2000 we will have lots of television chanels and they will be on all the time and if I want to stay awake and watch all night I can. In the year 2000 I will go to work flying on my jetpack or maybe when the jetpack is broke I will ride a motorcycle. I dont have a girlfriend now but when I’m old in the year 2000 I will probably have a beutiful wife. She will be a actress or maybe a bellydancer.

January 14, 1976
Room 204 – Miss DiManna


Three Questions for Crazy Uncle Joe:

1. What’s the deal with this ‘’ thing?
I was trying to merge the current weblog fad with my need for site content. I write lots of silly things during the day, but none of them are on my site. Basically this is a way for me to concatenate all of my daily distributed content.

2. Is it supposed to be funny or just lame and self involved?
Oh definitely lame and self involved. There’s plenty of "funny" stuff out there, but how often do you get to see someone who is just completely full of themselves?

3. You’re really an odd bird, arent you?
If by ‘odd bird’ you mean an Awk or an Emu, then no. If you mean a person with a strange and rather inaccessible sense of humor, then yes. I try to be more Dennis Milleresque than David Arquette-y, but as long as I don’t become Andy Dick-ish, I’ll be happy.

4. No seriously, what the hell is wrong with you?
Sorry, there’s a three questions limit.

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